Each year our scouts look for top elite players in various areas. As much as we would like to visit all regions we ask that you parents be proactive and contact the scouts for your age group. Each scout places your child on a team based on their skill level.


The 6ix Hockey is committed to providing these elite players in tournaments where they will be showcased and succeed. Our ultimate goal is to have our players compete at the highest level possible.


The 6ix Hockey works with Toronto GTHL coaches of the same age group to provide your child with experienced coaches that have seen and worked with the best hockey players and hockey coaches around. Their years of experience have earned them the right to be Toronto Coaches. As a result, the 6ix hockey, wants to bring that to you, the parents! We hope that you will want to be a part of the experience and join us.


The 6ix Hockey is always working to make our rosters better and we have an Elite program which we hope you will enjoy.


There are different Elite Programs for each age group.


Our program starts with World Selects, Top Tier, Triple Crown and Chowder Cup.


Please look at your age group to see the Elite Programs.


The total costs of the program are costly and fundraising will most likely need to take place. We ask that you commit early and we will help you with the fundraising process.





  • Toronto – Top Tier
  • Toronto – Bauer Spring Shootout – Bricks Series
  • Boston – The Boston Showdown – Brick Series
  • Chicago – The Battle for the Windy City – Bricks Series
  • Vancouver – Pacific Spring Rim Challenge – Bricks Series

Minor Atom

  • Toronto – Top Tier
  • Toronto – Bauer Spring Shootout – Brick Series
  • Boston –  The Boston Showdown – Brick Series
  • Las Vegas – King of Vegas – Bricks Series
  • Chicago –The  Battle for the Windy City – Brick Series


  • Toronto – Top Tier


Minor Peewee

  • Toronto – Top Tier
  •  Nashville – The Music City
  • Edmonton – The Brick Tournament
  • Minnesota – The Show – Continental Showdown


  • World Selects Invite –  Bolzano, Italy
  • Toronto – Top Tier
  • Montreal Triple Crown
  • New York – The Big Apple
  • California – SoCal Freeze Out – Brick Series

Minor Bantam

  • World Selects Invite – Mont Blanc, France
  • Toronto – Top Tier
  • Chicago Triple Crown
  • California – SoCal Freeze Out – Brick Series
  • Massachusetts Chowder Cup


  • World Selects Invite – San Sebastian,  Spain
  • Toronto – Top Tier
  • Toronto Triple Crown
  • Massachusetts Chowder Cup